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What is Qbesity

Obesity results from excessive accumulation of body fat.

How do I know if my weight is normal or exsess ?

BMI, Or Body Mass Index, is a measure of calculating a person’s excess weight. It is calculated by dividing the actual body weight by height in metre square. This should between 10 and 23 for a normal weight person.

What is Morbid Obesity

Obesity becomes morbid when it reaches a point where it leads to other serious health related conditions that may result in significant physical disability or even death.

What are the risks associated with morbid obesity

Morbid obesity is an extreme health hazard with medical, psychological, social, physical and economic comorbidities. There is an increased risk of developing high BP, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, gallstone disease and cancer of the breast, prostate and colon. The morbidly obese people are victims of prejudice conditions. Morbid obesity is a significant cause of preventable early deaths.

What are the treatment option for morbid obesit

  • Non-surgical methods,
  • Bariatric Surgery.

What are the non-surgical options ?

Most of the nonsurgical weight loss programs are based on some combination of diet/behaviour modification and regular exercise, and sometimes weight loss medicines.

Unfortunately, even the most effective of these combinations have proven to be effective for only a small percentage of individuals. And less than 5% of these are able to maintain this weight loss for a long period of time.

Serious health risks have been identified for people who move from diet to diet, subjecting their bodies to a severe and continuing cycle of weight loss and gain known as “yo-yo dieting”.

What is Bariatric Surgery

It is a surgery which helps loose weight by altering the body’s food digestion and absorption. This term encompasses a variety of surgical techniques.

How effective is Weight Loss Surgery

  • It has provided the longest period of sustained weight loss in patients for whom all other therapies have failed.
  • It has the ability to achieve and maintain atleast 50% of the excess body weight without having substantial adverse effects.
  • Patients who undergo a bariatric surgical procedure experience a complete resolution or improvement of their comorbid conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, etc.

What are the risks involved in Weight Loss Surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, even Bariatric Surgery has associated risks. Patients should consult their doctors about the possible risks associated with the procedure chosen for them.

Any other Benefits ?

  • It can be done laparoscopically
  • This cuts down the hospital stay significantly.
  • There is much less pain and the patient returns to work earlier



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